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Why There is a Sudden Demand for more Skilled Engineers Globally

If you have been thinking about what your next or even first career move will be, then you may be at a loss. Deciding what career you will pursue for the rest of your life is a difficult decision and with so many people recommending different career paths to follow, it can be difficult to decide which is the right for you.  

If you are someone that has just left education or you are entering higher education, then you have probably been bombarded by a long list of different career sectors begging you to venture into that particular area. Something that has been popping up more than ever is recommendations for a career in engineering. This isn’t just specific to America, all over the world companies are begging for people with engineering qualifications to join their companies. If you are someone that has been approached numerous times by someone wanting to poach you into a career in engineering, you may be confused. Why exactly has there been a sudden demand for more skilled engineers globally? 

Fewer people are picking up a trade 

If you are someone that has already been through education, then you will be more than aware that you are constantly recommended to pick an academic subject and pursue this at a higher level. This is something that is ingrained in us all from a young age, so instead of dreaming of being an engineer, most people dream of being doctors and lawyers. 

As the engineers that are currently dominating the field are getting older, they are leaving the demanding profession in search of something much easier and there simply are not enough people coming in to replace those that are leaving. This means that a lot of companies out there are extremely short-staffed.  

A lot of people simply do not have the right education to be able to pursue a career in engineering as it takes years of training and know-how, so it is not like they can just recruit anyone. You need to have a certain degree of knowledge in order to succeed in the world of engineering and if you are unable to understand simple things like 6011 vs 7018 rods comparison then you simply won’t be able to complete the job to a high standard.  

If you are someone that is still in education and you are about to make a choice in concern to what career you want to follow, then we recommend that you look into potentially studying engineering as there is a lot of money to be made in that sector and if fewer people continue to follow it, it looks like even more could be made in the future. 

Covid Backlog  

It is true that covid essentially affected every single part of everyday life. Covid put almost everything on hold which meant that a lot of people were forced to stop working. A lot of people, unfortunately, lost their lives as a product of covid too, which meant that lots of factories and businesses that were forced to lose their employees are now short on staff and behind on work.  

The whole world depends on engineers globally, as engineers are the people who make the majority of what we use in everyday life. If you look at anything you depend on, from your car to public transport, these items would not exist without the help of engineers.  

Due to the fact that so many factories were forced to close, the production of many of these items that we depend on globally had to come to a stop. This meant that we are almost a year behind in concerns about the production of many of the items that we depend on. It is often forgotten that engineers were also needed during the pandemic to help with the construction and planning of some of the testing and vaccination centers around the world and even when this was happening, there was an alarming shortage of engineers that were available to help.  

Engineers quitting  

If the last year has taught us anything it is that life is too short. For this reason, a lot of people that had previously held positions in the engineering sector decided to switch out their jobs and look into something that they felt would be more rewarding. Now, this does not mean that engineering isn’t a rewarding job, but not everyone that has initially chosen engineering as their career path did it because they were passionate about engineering, they did it because they wanted to have a consistent wage. If you are someone that does have a passion for engineering and you feel as though you will be happy to continue to do the job as you get older, then we recommend that you look into it and consider giving it a try. 


Another reason that there have been so many calls for people to join the engineering career path is for diversity. Engineering is a male-dominated career and the world wants to put an end to this. Women are less likely to do STEM-based subjects, which means that many of them simply do not even consider looking into engineering as a possible career. There are a lot of women out there that are exceptionally skilled but may believe that they don’t stand a chance in such a male-dominated sector, which really isn’t the case. 


Olivia Is Free Independent Journalist, Has B.A in International Relations, With Many Of Her Research And Papers Published On America's Most Influence Newspapers.

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