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Why More Nations Looking to Back Esports

Esports stands for electronic sports and it is the term used to describe any video gaming that is competed in competitively. Just like people can leisurely have a game of 5 aside in the park this is different from a proper football competition and it is the same with Esports.

Just like with traditional sports Esports are usually fun and engaging events, there are amateur competitions for lesser prizes and some of the professional competitions have people competing for a large cash prize, the winner of a Fortnite tournament won $3 million. At these events, people can play games head-to-head with another competitor, for example when playing games like FIFA. Or there can be 2 teams of players, the size of these teams depends on the game that is being played. The rules are less important than in traditional sports as many competitions will have different rules in place rather than having standardized rules like in games such as rugby. Esports is the most inclusive type of sport, anyone can enter these competitions it’s not dependent on age, gender, or physical abilities. This is largely dominated by men as only 1 in 20 of the people who play Esports are women but this number is said to be increasing. 

The Best Esports

There are so many video games available to play and as more continue to be produced all the time it’s hard to keep up with all the tournaments that you might be able to enter if you’re skilled enough. Some of the best tournament games include rainbow 6, this is a fantastic and popular game based on a novel written by Tom Clancy in 1998, the game focuses on an international counter-terrorism team named Rainbow. Playing this game at a tournament is always great fun and there aren’t many requirements, the main thing the organizers will be looking for is that your rank is high enough. If your rank isn’t high enough and there’s a competition coming up soon that you’re desperate to play in then you can do what I did, I got my rank in r6 boosted with these guys online who you can pay to get your rank boosted by as many levels as you want to qualify for that next competition. Some of the other games that contestants who have played at tournaments rate the highest include: Call of Duty, FIFA, Halo, and League of Legends. 

What nations are looking back to Esports and why?

The reason why more nations are getting involved in Esports is purely due to the increase in popularity. This year in particular it has seen massive growth in popularity as many traditional sporting events have been canceled because of lockdown but esports tournaments can be hosted virtually so no one has to leave home to compete. People who usually enjoyed traditional sports such as football will be playing FIFA more and with no real football tournament to get involved in, fans have realized that Esports tournaments are also really enjoyable 

The main nation that is looking back to Esports is South Korea. They are known to have an extremely competitive academic world, a lot of teenagers turned to video games because of this as they needed an escape from the pressure. However, in the space of a few years, it went from fun to being something people study, there are even Esports courses in universities. Due to this South Korea has some of the best Esports contestants in the world. Other nations who have also recognized the popularity include Germany and India. 


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