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Understanding The Connection Between The World Of Politics And News

The world in which we live is a very peculiar one. It is run by the people, for the people. Without humans, this world would not have developed so much that it is right now. The world would not have seen many things such as trains, cars, computers, the internet, and many more if it had not been for humans. One can say that humans are the most important race to have ever been born in this world. Humans have also achieved go to places outside of our planet, and the ambition does not stop over there. It is the desires and wants of humans that have led to this development and advancement. But even though humans have developed so much, ,it would not have been possible without proper guidance and discipline. Even for a small group of people, it is the group representative that hears everyone’s opinion and then acts upon it.

Similarly, for a whole nation, it is the politicians that do this.

Politics and history:
Whenever somebody hears somebody talking about politics, the mood of that person changes. This happens because the world of politics in almost every part of the world has become synonymous with a bad image. But in reality, for a nation to function properly, politics is as necessary as its people. It is the lifeline for a country. A country with good politics can claim height that is never seen before, and similarly, a country with bad politics can destroy the country on the verge of collapse.

The word politics is often linked with democracy because it is only in a democracy where the concept of an equal right to everyone comes, and that is the reason why earlier the concept of politics was pretty much non-existent. Throughout history, the countries used to be run by some strong monarchs or by strong families or either by a religious organization. In this era of countries being ruled by warlords, the concept of equality was not there. The decision for the whole country was either taken by a king or a queen or either by some handful of strong personalities. The concept of politics and politicians really came after the second world war, when almost all of the countries around the world started exercising the power of democracy.

The situation of politics around the world:
Politicians, by definition, are representatives that represent a large section of society on any of the levels of the government. If a politician runs for any election and wins, he or she becomes an elected representative, and then they do work for the betterment of society. The word politics comes from politicians. In common sense, these are some activities that are linked with making decisions and taking some action for society. In recent years, the image of politics and politicians have really been tainted. What was coined so as to set an example for the society and for the common people to act as a father figure is now synonymous with cheats, fraud, and betrayals of common people.

It is now common to see politicians do dirty politics for their own greed and interest. The world of politics has become so corrupt that it is now very hard to find an honest politician. In some parts of the world, the situation is so dire that politicians even do big illegal activities to come into power and then loot the common people out of their money. The situation is so grave in some parts of the world that even infamous criminals win votes because of their power and influence and end up becoming politicians.

The influence of news in the world of politics:
It is said that nowadays, information is the new gold, and those who control the flow of information and control the world. And who other than the news channels and media outlets do it better. They know the in and out of controlling information and influencing the public. People generally make biased opinions when they see something on the big screen. It is found that people generally believe what is said on the news channels and tend to go with their ideas and opinion. The problem arises when a person takes about the news when politics is involved in it. There are many instances where big politicians and political parties directly own the new outlet or have a major influence on the news channels.

This is very bad for democracy because when politics\news gets interlinked, disaster happens. The politicians tend to use the outreach of the news channels to gain popularity, and sometimes it takes ugly turns. There are various instances where fake and false news is spread in order to incite violence in the masses, which could later profit the politicians and the people who do politics. Major political parties all across the world do this in some context. Some even fund the news channel outlets and give large donations in order to get them to their side. The real people who are at a disadvantage because of this are the common people who do not get the real truth and act on the information received by those news outlets. And as these political parties grow stronger and stronger, their grip on the most important pillar of democracy also increases. To tackle this problem is also a very tough job.

Solution and conclusion:
It is clear that the current state of the world of politics is not going to change, and the politics/news industry is going to keep profiting from this dirty business. The only possible solution for this problem is to spread social awareness about this issue. And if the people start making unbiased decisions and try to see things from both sides, then only the monopoly that these people have will break, and the real truth will come out. Nobody and only common people can do this. Every person can take the help of the internet in order to do this.


Olivia Is Free Independent Journalist, Has B.A in International Relations, With Many Of Her Research And Papers Published On America's Most Influence Newspapers.

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