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Understand The Importance Of News And The Role Of Politics In It

Know the events of other countries
How do you know what is happening in other countries? How do you know the political announcement in your neighboring nations? News is the way one can come to know about the struggles and practices in the world. We become close and can ask for help with the help of the media. Nations are coming in support of each other when they watch the news related to their problems. The freedom that the News channels have helps to know the struggles of the people of that country. The latest political news, sports news, traditional news, and more such events are right in front of our eyes.

Some of the biggest news that changed the world
The news brings us close to world affairs. But some of it can change the way we look towards life. Let us have a look at some of them that were out of expectation for everyone to happen.
⦁ The biggest news that ever outbroke was the start of the First World War in June 1914. Many wars took place already in the nation, but it is something different. The war declaration was due to treaties fulfillment. The conflicts led to a fight that lasted for four years. Millions of people lost their lives, and no corner in the world was safe. But the positive outlook was that the women in the society got their recognition. The impact on changing the effects was little, and it was a complete waste to fight.
⦁ No one can forget the Russian Revolution that took place in 1917. The communist Russians tried to divide the world. Cold Wars were a part of daily life, but that led to the Russian people’s economic growth. The sole ideology was to bring a clash between Soviet Communism and Western democracy.
⦁ The incident at Pearl Harbour was another massive news that outbroke on December 7, 1941. Great Britain was the country that stood undefeated. The War between the Americans with Japan and Germany was one reason that led to the second World War. Therefore, the bombing in Pearl Harbour was something that everyone remembers. A few years later, the Americans were the ones that were behind providing the massive power for liberation.
⦁ The Hiroshima Bomb blast was an incident that had its effects even after so many years. August 6, 1945, was the date when the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Japan. The Japanese accepted their defeat and surrendered themselves to save their lives. It had its implications after the Second World War also. People remember the losses the place faced due to the nuclear reaction and its radiation. That is why there is a threat of nuclear war among the countries when there is discomfort between countries.
⦁ Indian Independence on August 15, 1947, was a massive turnover in the history of civilization. India is the second most populated country in the world were treated as slaves by the Britishers. It was one of the worst times for their country. But many of them gave their lives to get back India to its roots and live for themselves. That also led to the birth of Pakistan. India achieved its economic Independence. Now the country can become one of the biggest superpowers in the world with its technological advancements.
⦁ The coming of the Covid-19 Pandemic is another news that has changed the way we live life. China faced the outbreak of a deadly virus that spreads when you touch someone and can even kill you with great ease. The fatality rate is not much, but it increases with immense speed. People started practicing social distancing and wearing masks to avoid the virus. The entire world starts announcing lockdowns and stopped people from leaving their houses. Some call it the worst time in humankind, but some say that it was necessary. There was a massive improvement in the environment due to the lockdowns. The closure of factories led to the betterment of nature. Now people take individual hygiene seriously. 

Governments influence in the media
Most of the countries have independent news channels. There are many of them which are in the control of their government. North Korea and China are among the top ones on the list. The political leaders in these nations tell the news channels what to show to the world. Therefore, you can never believe if they are providing the correct numbers and news or not. The news channels in North Korea shows that the people over there are happy. But we know the truth. We understand how the innocent ones over there are trying to escape from their nation and want to live life. Therefore, not everything that you see in the news is correct. Many people manipulate them according to their needs and show what they want people to believe.

Not every news channel gives the same information.
There is a massive role of the government in most of the news channels. We will never see all of them portraying similar news. Some have different outlooks on an issue, and some want to create differences among people. Therefore, it is up to the citizens to decide which one they should trust and listen to always. It is easy to manipulate the thoughts if you believe in one particular thought process. Therefore, to get the correct details, every person should understand who states honest news and who does not.

Role of social media
Many social media channels are showing news reports of the incidents. You will see live footage also over there. There are many pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that show people’s struggle. They cover those things that their media is not willing to provide to the citizens. People are becoming aware of the political influence in the news reports. Therefore, they are taking steps that no one is willing to do. Rational citizens have to find the correct information on the news and go accordingly. So, become a logical citizen and witness the real news reports.


Olivia Is Free Independent Journalist, Has B.A in International Relations, With Many Of Her Research And Papers Published On America's Most Influence Newspapers.

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