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The Best New Loadouts In Warzone Season 4: A Guide.

 If you are a Call of Duty fan, you will know that a brand new season of Warzone is on the way. Season 4 of Warzone is promised to be the best season yet, and with all of the new promised features, we are hoping that this is the case.

CoD: MW season 5: start date, new weapons, and more | PC GamerThere have already been several announcements for brand new content within the new season. Something that the game developers are really good at is listening to the recommendations of fans. For this reason, many of the complaints that fans had for last season have been worked on ahead of the current season. The best example of the game developers listening to the fans is introducing dirt bikes in the new season.

A big complaint that fans had last season is that many of the vehicles they had did not allow them to have as much mobility around the map, forcing many people to use warzone cheats to reach places they were not able to previously. The introduction of the dirt bike allows for more mobility, which is bound to improve the gameplay of many players.

There has been a lot introduced in the brand new season, such as new operators and even new game modes. A widespread occurrence with every brand new season of the game introduces brand new weapons that fit every game mode in the game.  With brand new weapons comes brand new weapon pairings; here are the best new load-outs in Warzone Season 4.

The Nail Gun

If you are someone who loves all of the special weapons available every season, you will love the introduction of the nail gun. To unlock the nail gun, you have to get over 50 kills using a grenade launcher, so it is one that you really need to work to get.

Once you have done that, you have the mighty nail gun. The nail gun can fire up to 20 shots before reloading, which means that you don’t have to worry about quickly reloading mid-fight, which can be extremely annoying. The novelty of using the nail gun is what really sets it apart from the other special weapons in the season.

We recommend that you pair the nail gun with an automatic weapon, such as an AR. Combining the two will make you unstoppable in any game, which will only make it easier to level up and explore what the rest of the battle pass has to offer this season.

Ak-74u Updates

AKS-74U (RUS-79U) Submachine gun | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerAs well as introducing some brand new weapons this season, the game developers have also made some improvements on guns that already exist within the game. Last season there were many complaints about the power of the AK-74U, as it was not as powerful as you would expect it to be. The minimum damage has been increased from 35 to 26, which means that you won’t be held back too much if you are still in the process of trying to level the gun up. The likelihood of getting a headshot has also increased, which means that you once again can complete a lot of the daily tasks with a lot of ease.

The Bullfrog

Best Bullfrog loadout in Black Ops Cold War | GINX Esports TVThough the Bullfrog was introduced last season, it has been brought back with some brand new improvements this season. Many people believed that this gun was slightly overpowered last season, which took away from the game’s challenge. For this reason, the maximum damage of the gun has been decreased from 32 to 31, which may not seem like much of a difference, but it will make kills much more challenging.

Weapon Balancing

Something that they have promised to do within the brand new season is focused on weapon balancing. A complaint made by fans is that many primary and secondary weapons feel as though they do not go very well together, making people feel as though they are being held back during their gameplay. This is something they promise to monitor this season.


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