The 4 Businesses Making Waves in Southern New England

Southern New England and Northern New England have a fierce, yet friendly rivalry. And this rivalry is often to the benefit of the residents of the various areas.  As the two provinces work to outdo the other, they improve public works projects, bolster infrastructure and improve quality of life for every resident.

We are going to running a dual segment. We plan to look at the North and South of New England and examine how they have improved over recent years. And our first stop is looking at the businesses in Southern New England. Particularly we want to pay tribute to 4 individual companies that are making huge waves in the business world and improving the local communities they are based in.

These companies have distinguished themselves in recent years in a number of fields. Customer satisfaction. Brand awareness. Client base and community impact. So let’s dive in and have a look at the businesses at the forefront of Southern New England.


Rooferinct might seem like your traditional roofing company on the surface. But this simplicity is intentional. Connecticut is a very classic state. It is very proud of its heritage and classical architecture. And Rooferinct uses this strong sense of tradition and style to its advantage.

Most business guides will tell construction firms to try to modernize. To offer extravagant architecture, rich materials, and decadent decorations. Rooferinct has decided to go against this and keep to a more traditional approach mixed with the occasional splash of modernization.

And it has worked. Customer satisfaction rates have skyrocketed in recent years. The company recently hit the press for being the best roofer in ct and they have used this extra publicity to boost their brand awareness even further. They apparently even have plans to expand into new territory. We expect big things from Rooferinct in the coming years.


There is nothing we love more than the traditional rags to riches story. And that is essentially the story of the up-and-coming Mandy’s cafe in Connecticut. Mandy’s was founded by a team of two women, neither actually named Mandy. The duo used their life savings, which were running slim, to get the cafe started. This was an all-or-nothing situation for them.

They had a rocky start for the first few years, just scraping by. But in recent years they have found a new wave of success after refurbing their cafe. They followed this up with an overhaul of the menu as well and began to win a few local food awards. This then led to a few local and even state-wide papers giving them positive write-ups.

The cafe mixes a modern aesthetic with classic food. The decorations create a homey atmosphere that will keep you coming back time and time again.

L and R Construction

One of the newer construction firms in Southern New England, and soon to be one of the best, L and R is making waves with their shockingly low prices paired with their high customer satisfaction rating. We had a talk with some of the founders of L and R to find out how they have kept their prices so low.

The company invested large sums of money into the latest construction tech. They spared no expense. This has allowed them to perfect their construction process and they now boast the record for the most efficient construction firm in Southern New England. And they have decided to pass the savings onto the customers. And this decision has boosted their sales far beyond what it would have been with higher prices.

Quick Clear Finance

America is sadly a nation that encourages its citizens to go into debt. Insane medical bills. Constant taxes and levies. Quick Clear has become very popular in recent months as their success rate for helping customers to clear their debt under their allotted time frame is at 90%.

A staggering customer satisfaction rate. And they are also active members of their local community. The firm has been hosting numerous charity events to great success, focusing mainly on tackling homelessness that has come about from extreme debt.



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