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Politics, The Paw Of The Powerful

Politics is the task of making important decisions for the group or forming political and powerful relations with other people to govern their quality of life. Ever since there was slavery globally, there has always been the notion that a person in authority leads the best life. It has led to many toxic people coming into the picture and giving them a lot of power, which only led to the downfall of the people. There are numerous ways to govern people:
⦁ Negotiation with the other parties 
⦁ Making laws 
⦁ Exercising force 
⦁ Warfare against the opponents 
History of politics
While the politics is exercised throughout the ranks, starting from the ancient tribunal system of clans and tribes to the modern local government, companies, and the sovereign states to most at the international level. In modern politics, people form parties to represent ideas and bring into the picture the various thoughts that bring them out as a collective whole. Members of the same party often take the same stand on issues and could influence a change in law through the leaders. The election is held to see the winner of both, to decide who governs the entire body. Politics is connected to ethics. As long as the person is grounded in their ethics, they know exactly what they want without letting it corrupt their mind through the use of power. 
Conflict in politics
Politics stands in an important shell of the organization, where there will be constant conflicts and disagreements. But people should not forget the main goal, which is to work towards the betterment of the country and the entire group. Working towards the common mission gets the goal faster as well as there is a smooth functioning government. But there is no politics without conflicts, and there will always be people who disagree with your opinion as politics is a very subjective topic with an objective goal. You have to think about others before sealing in a decision. The president’s decision, prime minister, and king/queen could drastically cause changes in their country/ kingdom. All decisions must be discussed with a group of elected representatives from the people who will help put the public opinion out in the world. 
Types of politics
There are many levels of politics through which governance takes place:
⦁ Macropolitics: This level of politics defines the political issues that affect the entire political system while referring to the various political systems’ interactions. Most of the politics covers the aspects of politics that affect most of the political systems in practice. The principal element of this level of politics is international relations, which play a very crucial role. There should be smooth functioning between countries to avoid a lot of conflict and violence. Some of the bodies have powers over the other as governed by international bodies. Trade should take place smoothly. The macropolitics takes care of the above. The various politics that take place within the limits of political systems, while in the national borders. 
⦁ Mesopolitics: This speaks about the politics within the political system, such as the parties and the movements. A political party is an organization that actively participates in political campaigns, protest actions. While these parties often bring out the ideologies/ vision brought out by the people of the party. 
⦁ Micropolitics: Few of the independent acts within the political system. Some of them are often described as political participation. Few of the acts include voting, petition, demonstration, and movements like civil disobedience. Boycott and activism come under the same level of politics. 
Democracy concerning politics
Few of the terms which are used in politics often is the word democracy. What is democracy? Democracy is a system of administering conflict of interests to determine what the public does. At the same time, there is no single force to measure the outcomes and the consequences of the action. That means that a body governs all decisions made, but he is assisted by a group of people who help him make the decision. The people assisting the authority to make the decision are people who are elected by the people from their groups and parties. Democracy is a potent force that makes all forces realize their interests and power from the groups of people by which there are a fixed set of rules. 
While there is another form of democracy that is very well known that is the solicit to the citizens’ preferences while bringing out the aggregate to determine the policies of society and determine which to adapt and which to neglect. In politics, the most important thing is equality. No matter the caste, creed, sex, or religion of the person, he should have a say in making the government, and no political body can stop him from expressing his opinions and concerns. While it comes under human rights and dignity, there is equal access to certain goods and social services. Radicality is based on the idea that many hierarchical and oppressive power relations cease to exist in society. At the same time, the role of democracy lies in making it visible and challenging the relations by allowing a lot of space for differences in opinions and judgments. 
Political freedom
Political freedom is said to be the central concept in which political thought is expressed freely. At the same time, this negative liberty is said to the end of oppression, and there are reasonable constraints on action, which are enacted through civil and political rights. In contrast, the positive liberty speaks for the absence in the conditions for the individual and the conditions of fulfillment in the society. At the same time, the approach to freedom is a lot to be realized in terms of economic, social, and cultural rights. While politics is a very vast topic to cover, there are certain things that every individual must know in terms of his rights and about his government. 


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