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Politics- From The People, For The People, And By The People

The System

The political system is defined as making official government decisions often compared to the cultural system, the legal system, the economic system, and other social systems. A political system that can be designated as the Venn diagram between the interactions in people and the values that are upheld by society. Each of the political systems is rooted in the society with its own culture and rules that define them. This is where people take the opportunity of turning societies through the policy of the public. The interaction between these factions counts as the basis for the global politics being played around. 
Essential back in before governments and organizations came into the picture, kings/ earls used to rule the kingdom, used coins, commodities, and land as a barter system, and they defined their territories through war. As a result of those wars played and fought in the past, the boundaries are defined even today to honor the dead and to fight for the land they worked hard to conquer and free for the people. Eventually came to the system of democracy, where the people elect their leader and the legitimacy of the political hierarchy lies in sovereignty. Many forms of democracy come into the picture, which is mostly:
⦁ Representative democracy 
⦁ Direct democracy 
⦁ Demarche
While these are separated through the way decisions, have been made now and in the history through the elected representatives who have come into the picture from the people, with the help of agendas and campaigns. There are other forms and sources of power other than democracy, that is, autocracies and oligarchies. Autocracies fall under the category of either being total dictatorships or being absolute monarchies. There have been many instances in the past that have spoken for the type of culture. For example, the atmosphere in Germany is vastly different from the situation in the UK. This is due to the rulers who have ruled over the place over time, which has brought out the best in the places. 
Integration of political systems
In terms of the vertical integration of systems in the wheel’s political side, there have been various confederations, federations, and unitary states that have come into the picture. At the same time, a federation is a political entity characterized through the confederation of some of the self-governing provinces, states, and some of the other regions under the same government. While in a federation, there is a division of power between the component states and the central government. Above most of the government forms comes the sovereign states. At the same time, the state is one of the political entities with a monopoly of violence within the territory. Simultaneously, the states need to have a mostly defined territory, a fixed population, and a government. This establishes the capacity of the people to get into international relations and treaties. 
Political societies
While a stateless society is one of the societies that are mostly not governed by the state, some states have little concentration on the people’s authority. Most of the positions, come into the picture are with limited or no power while they do not hold permanent positions. Most of the social bodies dispute over the predefined laws of the place, which tends to be small arguments, but it is resolved within the system. Culture also influences politics; it comes under political culture. It speaks for how culture impacts the politics of the system. At the same time, this political culture is a collective set of beliefs, sentiments, and attitudes, which are put back in order and given a fixed meaning to the entire process. Some of which defines and gives you reasonable explanations for the same. 
Factors which are important for politics
Trust is one of the principal factors which come into existence in politics. As long as you trust the ruler or the government, you expect them to make the right decisions, which help make the lives of the people better. Sometimes the people suffer due to the wrong candidates’ election, which makes the government corrupt for its means, and the country is left at a standstill. There should be a fixed set of rules that are to be followed by the people and the government. Every person in the country has access to human rights and can speak up for themselves, even with the governing body’s presence. Religion also has a lot of impact on politics. 
Religion in politics
People of the same religion often come under a party and form a political party that runs by their ideals and rules. While the corruption of political power will never get old, there will always be people who misuse the power for their benefit, and they exploit the people for what they deserve. Nepotism comes under the hat, where politics just runs in the family, then comes the bribes and unjust ways of political patronage. People pay taxes to keep their city clean and tidy, to develop their country to be one of the best. But in return, due to the corrupt individuals, they exploit people for their money and enjoy the people’s taxes. 
When there is a person in a position of authority, there is bound to be a conflict of interest. Each group has a separate set of rules and a code of conduct. Everyone wants to be in a position of power while making decisions. Often political conflict is harmless and verbal; back in the day, the political conflict would affect the entire country and result in a lot of wars being fought, and not always was the winner of the battle just and worthy of the authority. So in recent times, people of the country are given a choice to choose and pick their representatives to govern the entire body. The elected people come from the country’s people and hence have an idea of what changes might be necessary. The person is elected through a voting system that is usually just and fair, but there have been traces of corruption. 


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