Politics and Religion: Integrated or Separated?

There have been a million debates on this subject, and honestly, nobody knows what goes inside politics other than the politicians. People debate with the help of their opinions on the activities and agendas presented in front of them, not with facts. Facts are hardly ever facts because all you hear and see is just a fraction of the truth. Or maybe even that is a fabricated lie. Opinions are impossible to be perfectly true when nobody in the country knows the complete verified facts and reports of everything that the politicians do in their course. Every country faces corruption but only a few of them face religion mixed in the dirtiest manner with politics. Religions across the world preach different things but surely none of them is yearning to be involved in politics as a matter of gaining votes and public acclaim. That is the opposite of religions’ preachings.

What is going on inside the politics?

It is hard to know in solidarity since none of you all is in politics. However, you can always look at the leading government’s points of view, actions, reactions, neglections, and speeches. You can always know from their slogans and their chants what they are up to. Nobody is stupid enough to not see the lies that politicians feed the citizens of a country.

People who believe the politicians’ agenda.

Obviously, politicians embark upon this adventure to use religion as a magnet for votes for a certain kind of people. There is a segment of people that believe that anywhere religion is mentioned, they have to go there. The politicians who believe that they are smarter than everyone else but in reality, are simply insensitive to people’s genuine faith and loyalty towards a religion, use this sentiment against these people. They hide their very partial acts and judgements behind the cover of religion, which is visible to others who are not blinded by the politicians but is not noticeable to those who simply believe in a higher power a little too much. It is somewhere the mistake of this crowd of people as well. The politicians only take advantage of them because of their blind faith in them. When they stop overlooking the blatant injustices, this dirty politics will stop.

The actions that religious politics lead to.

When you mix religion in politics, disasters are going to happen. And the unfair thing about these kinds of disasters is that crowds will fight other crowds, but only one of them will fight the real enemy: the politicians. The rational crowd that puts everything in perspective, appreciates the good acts, and ridicules the bad ones, is the one that always suffers. The crowd that always supports the politicians is usually the one that gets favoured by the politicians. Since these people are in such positions of power, they can seriously do anything to shut you up and then shut their mouths up when asked for accountability.

The government does so much to calm a protest down that it hurts to even watch the news. They throw tear gas at crowds. They throw gallons of water at them in the chilling cold. They deploy a large force of the police to control the crowd. A bunch of policemen with arms to watch some innocent people (sometimes, even children and teenagers)! How much would it be hurting the real people out there, fighting for their rights and for all the good causes that the government should never let people fight for! That is the problem with favouring one religion: you obviously would be partial to the others. You cannot treat them equally when you are so intoxicated by a single religion and believe in its superiority. The government fools so many when it says that it is doing good for the country in the name of religion.

The foolish statements and acts of the government.

Nobody likes to criticize their country’s government for the fun of it. Everybody would love to support their government and politicians thereof because that represents their country. However, people in power do not feel the same way for you. Alas! They only want to feed their pockets and their families and relatives, not you. It is okay if you lose your jobs, but they should not receive any lesser income than they are receiving right now. They should not be deprived of the extra income they get from regular secondary sources like bribes. They put on such a good act of them being consumed by this religion that they would do anything for it. And then go-ahead to do all the stupid things in its name, not one of which represents the national interest.

Many politicians in different countries have been found to say such absurd statements in the name of religion that it makes the citizens laugh and cry at the same time. Regarding the current situation of the covid-19 virus, they say that they would never catch it because the divine power will protect them. But guess who ended up catching the virus? Well, that is not it. They are often witnessed adding heat to the existing arguments between the citizens of the world. There exist many subjects on which the people of the country stand on different sides of the net. And somehow, these politicians manage to raise fires between people, dividing them, by their statements or actions or speeches.

But where is the problem with believing in religion?

There is no problem in believing in and following a religion. In fact, religion makes way for people to have a strong faith in at least in something when most things are not be trusted in this criminal world. But the problem arises when you believe in the superiority of your religion, which would obviously mean that other religions are inferior to you. It is the job of preachers and priests to preach about religion and use religion to earn their income, not the government’s. Hence, it is a bad idea to mix religion with politics.


Olivia Is Free Independent Journalist, Has B.A in International Relations, With Many Of Her Research And Papers Published On America's Most Influence Newspapers.

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