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Politics And News: The Daily Need Of Any And Every Society

The very concept of politics is symbolic of unity between masses of people on certain particular grounds so that they can live together as one may be in groups. Politics is based on an ideology that is usually propagated by such group members and their flag bearers. People who can relate to such ideology tend to form part of that particular section of society. Such people agree on the same point and hence the reason why they choose to live together. Similarly, in the case of the world’s various countries, they have their set of political understanding that binds them together to their country of origin, hence abiding by the laws, rules, and regulations that they are entitled to. The very essence is the meeting of minds, which is of utmost importance for people living in the same place.

news is another form of communicating to the masses as to what is the condition of the society at present going around all across the globe. As an individual, you have the right to know about the happenings of society that might have an impact on you. Thus, the news is one such communicable media that bridges the gap between the people and the whereabouts of the society. But at the same time, there are pros and cons of the same. The means of propagating news is done by the various journalism companies that exist within the local limits of a particular place, and for acquiring news from all over the world, one can rely on certain popular media companies in this regard.

The transition of the news industry
Initially, the only mode for obtaining news used to be either newspaper or certain channels propagating news. But in the present times, with the evolution of the internet, news can be availed online through the net as well. Certain applications too have come up emerging in this regard, and that facilitates one to get all the latest and recent updates from anywhere and everywhere. The android operating system has different applications that android users can avail themselves of. Some of them may be enlisted as under:
⦁ Google news
⦁ Microsoft news
⦁ BBC News
⦁ Reddit
⦁ smart news
⦁ in reader
⦁ inshorts
⦁ news break
⦁ knappily
⦁ Feedly
⦁ Flipboard
⦁ Scribd
These are the top-rated apps when it comes down to accessing news online by android users specifically. Right from news belonging to any particular categories such as sports or politics, entertainment, and even international news, all of the latest information that you need to know is right there for you to get installed in your android device and get access to them anytime you wish to, maybe at the beginning of the day or even at the end of the day, whichever time is suitable for you to go through the latest happenings.

Politics: good or bad
Politics is one solid means to influence and persuade people in either a good or bad way. It tends to have either a positive or negative impact on the people associated with it. Politics is usually propagated by using some sort of propaganda, which is further transmitted through mass media or maybe some other direct and indirect means. Persuasion is something that can be considered to be bad in this context as it should not be the thing that is intended to be done out of politics. There are various methods used for persuading the people to work in the direction that is intended to be done by the masterminds. However, whatever be the case, it can highly influence the minds of a particular individual without the person even realizing it. Thus, it is good to involve oneself with a particular ideology, but it is on the respective persons to decipher the goof from the bad and work accordingly instead of having been persuaded unjustly.

Alternative site checks
It is mostly recommended that while one uses a particular site for accessing news, it keeps you in an advantageous position if you believe in checking for alternative sites as it facilitates the verification of the original news primarily followed by certain other advantages that you can think of. To be added, alternative sites will help you decipher better as to which articulation style you like best. Different sites have different styles adopted by them to break a piece of particular news. Therefore, articulation is an important factor that can either attract or discourage people from availing of a particular website for news. Sometimes also some websites have access to a piece of particular news beforehand, and hence they may publish their piece sometime earlier than its other competitors; hence that is another advantage if you have the habit of checking for alternative sites. Also, there is hardly any repetition that you should be expecting, that is a complete myth that prevails in the minds of most people, and that prevents one from opting from alternative sites.

Internet news as an advantage
In terms of credibility, in the case of internet news, mostly it voices the public opinion that might not be the actual news, and thus apart from the actual news, you get to know the reaction of the public at large to instances taking place in and around the society at large. Also, on the aspect of the news being fresh and recent, mostly the publishing websites keep a note of the latest happenings so that they get to beat their competitors. Thus, you can expect the best delivery as their name and fame is put at stake. Hence, these are the basic criteria that help an online news website either rule the market or leave the industry in totality.

Sum up:
To come to a final and concluding point, be it any aspect such as politics or news, it has been a major source that people relied on in the earlier times, and nothing has been reduced today. It forms an integral part of society at large. Hence, keep aware of the fake ones and get going.


Olivia Is Free Independent Journalist, Has B.A in International Relations, With Many Of Her Research And Papers Published On America's Most Influence Newspapers.

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