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Is the EU Looking to Completely Ban Tobacco Sales?

If smoking should be banned is a really important conversation that has been going on for a long time, there are many arguments for banning smoking but like any situation, there are also many arguments for allowing smoking to continue. Smoking tobacco is one of the most damaging things that humans can do to their bodies, every single year there are at least 6 million deaths that are caused by smoking and many more that can be traced back to secondhand smoke. Smoking has become even more popular since the start of this century which makes things much more dangerous, in the 20th century there were 100 million smoking-related deaths, and by the end of the 21st century if nothing changes there is projected to be a billion deaths caused from smoking. On top of there being millions of deaths caused by smoking each year, there are millions of more people who suffer from long-term health conditions as a result of smoking. The chemicals in tobacco cause harm to every organ in your body, in particular your heart and lungs. For every death that is a result of smoking, there are at least 30 people who have developed a related illness as the smoke causes so much harm. Some of the most serious smoking-related illnesses include various types of cancer, heart disease, lung disease, stroke, diabetes, tuberculosis, and many others. Secondhand smoke is also extremely dangerous to children, over 400 infant deaths are caused by secondhand smoke every year and it has been known to cause sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory issues, and slowed lung growth. All of these negative effects have led to tougher restrictions in the EU on tobacco products as they’re trying to protect the health of their citizens. 


In an attempt to deter people from smoking the EU has already made some regulation changes that they hope would help many people to quit smoking and make it less likely for young people to take up smoking in the first place. The EU as a governing body takes the safety of its citizens very seriously and it recognized how much more of an issue smoking was becoming in this century and how many more related deaths there had been which made them take action. To try and combat this increase in the number of smokers they created the Revised European Union Tobacco Products directive in 2014 who’s main aim was to find solutions and create new legislation that would help people to quit smoking. One big decision that they made back in 2014 was those 6 years from then flavored cigarettes would be completely banned, this was a promise that was supported by the World Health Organisation as many people turn from casual smokers to full smokers as flavors like menthol mask the harshness of the cigarette. Due to the coronavirus and the lockdown that occurred, as a result, many companies are claiming that they didn’t have time to see off the rest of their stock of menthol cigarettes or filters but the ban is still coming into place as the EU see it as more important to protect their members than for companies to make money. 


It is currently unknown if the EU is going to ban all tobacco-related products as the science behind smoking would suggest that they should definitely ban all products but it is an action that they know will be met with much resistance. It is likely that eventually all tobacco products will be banned as they don’t just harm you but they harm those around you. As this is the case, if you’re currently a smoker and you’re nervous about this coming into effect then you should swap from smoking to vaping now so whenever it does happen it won’t affect you. Vaping is still harmful but is a much healthier habit than smoking. If you’re going to start vaping then you’ll either want to invest in a decent vape which can range from anywhere from 30-70 euros or if you prefer you can get a disposable vape, there are many lists online that will help you to find the longest lasting disposable vapes if you choose to go disposable. Vaping is so much healthier than smoking that recently based on their research Cancer Research have announced that they support people turning to vape as a way to quit smoking as it is much less damaging and much less likely to cause cancer. Vaping instead of smoking also decreases the chances of developing a serious illness like lung disease, this is a great way to still get your nicotine hit without inhaling hundreds of dangerous chemicals. 


If you were a fan of flavored cigarettes then you will definitely want to swap over to vaping once they’ve been banned. There is a gap in the regulations for vaping which still allows manufacturers to develop any flavored e-liquid. You’ll have a great time testing out all the different vaping flavors and there are hundreds of them. There are the most standard flavors like strawberry and cherry, there are sweet flavors like candy floss and bubblegum and there are also more bizarre flavors that are fun to try like crab and mother’s milk. As well as it being healthier and more fun, vaping is also much cheaper than smoking.  


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