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Is Canada set for their Hottest Spring Ever  

Out of the 4 seasons, more than 50% of people’s favorite season is spring. It’s easy to see why spring is such a popular season as after many months of a cold long winter people can’t wait for days to start to get longer again, for the light nights, and for the slightly warmer weather. Stepping out of your house to a nice spring day is one of the best feelings after enduring the winter. Hundreds of birds begin to migrate back here and the birds who stayed during the winter with us are also feeling the change so the sounds of the birds chirping and singing again which is a delight for the ears. Animals like hedgehogs start to come out of hibernation, bumble bees start to make an appearance and spring has to be the most aesthetically pleasing season of them all as the flowers start to bloom. The world begins to feel alive again and the outdoors looks so colorful and beautiful. 

Spring is also the favorite season for people to get organized. After just trying to survive a long winter people find a new motivation to get out and enjoy themselves once spring comes around. As the days start to get longer people to feel like they have more time to be productive and as the weather is warmer people socialize more and take part in more outdoor activities. A lot more people start to exercise again, bike rides are a super popular spring activity as well as long spring walks and people start going out running again more. The impact the sun has on our mood and the additional exercise and socializing people are doing really shows in spring, it’s why everyone loves a good spring clean, they feel like much better and it makes them much more productive. Studies have also revealed that a spring clean has a variety of benefits too, it can actually help to strengthen your immune system, it can help to ease depressive symptoms as clean space helps achieve a clear mind, you have less chance of falling on something and injuring yourself and a clean house also promotes a healthy lifestyle.  

Canada’s Weather

It’s hard to generalize the weather in Canada as it is a huge country that spans five different time zones and stretches all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic ocean. The most southern part of Canada lines up with the north of California so there will be lots of sunny days here, whereas its most northern part lines up with Alaska and stretch into the arctic circle so expect freezing cold days here, the weather has been known to get as low at -27 degrees. The majority of the population of Canada live in the southern part due to this as many people would find the most northern parts uninhabitable. The climate in the populated part of Canada is rainy and temperate with very little snow unless you travel to the mountain ranges in Canada. Spring of 2020 was one of the hottest springs Canada has ever experienced, the average temperature during spring is usually between -7 and 19 degrees but in 2020 the average was -4 to 22 degrees which is a massive difference. Whilst it is unlikely for this spring to be the hottest spring yet it is looking to be much similar to the 2020 temperatures than to the usual average. 

Why you should visit Canada in the spring

If you’re thinking of visiting Canada then the spring is a great time to plan your trip for. If you’re not used to Canada’s climate then you might not enjoy yourself much during Winter but the temperatures do rise enough during spring to make a difference, however, there can still be some chilly days so make sure you pack a warm coat. There is so much to do and see in the spring in Canada, if you feel like a city break then Ontario is great in the spring and if you want something more outdoorsy then a visit to Niagara Falls or any of our fantastic National Parks will be the experience of a lifetime. 


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