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How Politics And News Shapes Our Lives

Human civilization has been in a constant state of evolution. Ever since we became developed people from being cavemen and learned about different activities essential for maintaining our survival quality. Humans divided themselves into groups and then societies. Since we are social beings, we love to interact with each other. Therefore, from this interaction, we stemmed up towards different systems of logic and education. Human interaction with one another gave rise to different topics. A conversation about relations, politics, agriculture, duties of different people who are a part of the society and more.
Education and its impact
Fast forward to a few years later. As education came into the picture, people became more aware of life aspects that affect us every day. It was not just one group that existed throughout civilization; other groups co-existed in the same village. There were even situations in which different groups existed within a group. The difference in ideas and principles series also led to intergroup and intragroup conflicts. This happened in canada
How are conflicts good for any progressive society?
Conflicts might be the basis of a progressive society. However, sometimes they are welcomed, but sometimes, they are rather suppressed. Some societies did not give everyone an equal opportunity to keep forward their needs and demands. Our history has seen a rant of struggles demanding justice. There were large protests initiated by the poor and those treated unfairly to raise voice and make themselves heard.
In the wave of conflicts, the difference of opinions became larger and larger. Now different people had different thoughts and interests. Some groups specifically talked about issues such as the rights of the poor and ill-treated, women’s status, and education for all. In short, it came to be the birth of what we call politics in today’s time.
What is politics?
Let’s go by the meaning in simple words. It is the activities undertaken by people for decision-making and influencing powerful relationships in the group and among different groups. Politics is yielded by the art of raising concerns and winning the support of the people. It has been extremely beneficial to people and has led to revolutions in countries across the globe.
One of the strongest revolutions the world has witnessed has been the French Revolution. The working class gathered courage and initiated a movement to point against the wealthy and influencers of society. Another famous example of the worlds’ struggles or revolutions has been the Indian battle of independence. After oppression from the British for almost two centuries, Indians finally decided to give it back and win their country.
The struggles have given a chance to many powerful leaders who are known to the world. It takes an unexplainable amount of courage and strength to come up to the front and lead the masses. For instance, politics and struggles have led to the emergence of worldwide known leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and many more. Our societies are enriched by their ideologies that support equality for all, education for all, and a world with no room for any discrimination.
International Relations
Even in the latest times, if you look at the news around you, leaders are still fighting for a better society. There is still so much to be done for the welfare of the masses, environmental issues that need to be taken care of. The United Nations has formed different commits that highlight different people’s plights no matter which country they belong to. United Nations is an example of human rights politics at an international level. International organizations such as UNICEF, WHO, UNGA, UNHRC, UNSC, and other United Nations committees are perfect examples of how representatives of different countries sit together and find solutions for problems that affect humanity.
Politics within the country
Politics, however, isn’t just limited to this. If you look at the current status, it appears to be a fight between the majority party and the opposition party in most counties. If you ever look at the parliament’s footage, it looks as if two sides of parties are ready to tear each other apart. The political parties have different agendas and ideologies. The people vote for them based on their promises and beliefs. Sometimes, it may also take an ugly turn where politicians fight each other by letting each other down.
Benefits of politics
Reading all the above-given information, we know that politics is an inevitable part of society. But have you ever imagined what the world would be like if there were no politics at all? Would it be nice at all? Well, the truth is maybe not. You may be interested in politics or may not be interested at all. The truth is politics somehow makes us better.
If you look closely, politics is the representation of different groups. If politics weren’t there, people would be left unrepresented and rather suppressed by the majority. The opposition makes sure that the government does its duty in the best way possible. Moreover, it highlights the plight of the section of the society that could be hurt due to any policy that the government has introduced or could potentially introduce.
Politics and news
Politics and news go hand in hand. Politics make the scenario, and the news covers it. News makes a vital role in making you aware of what is going on in the country. If news weren’t there, many people wouldn’t even know who is the prime minister of the country.
News is limited to news channels and books, magazines, newspapers, online news flashes, and more. It tells us about what is happening in the country. It plays a significant role in influencing our perspective while supporting aside.
The decline in democracy has been noticed in many nations. The topic of low public confidence has drastically risen. Many developed countries have shifted towards a partial or flawed form of this system. Therefore, in the end, we can conclude that politics and news make a citizen much more aware.


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