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How Eagle Eyed Viewers Solved a Murder Mystery Through YouTube

Youtube is a very versatile social media platform with hundreds of videos uploaded on a daily basis from all over the world, there are many creators offering interesting new videos trying to increase their views and find success on the platform, if you are looking to boost your channel then why not try these 8 essential tips to increase views to your youtube videos. However, you may be shocked to know that in recent news we saw that Youtube has actually been used to solve a nig murder mystery.

A popular Youtube star has been arrested following the revelation that he was responsible for a serious murder just over two months ago, the star who will remain nameless in this article for security purposes was foiled after eagle-eyed viewers of his videos spotted the exact outfit that he committed the crime in within the background of one of his recent video uploads. In the video, it was pointed out by many viewers that the outfit in the background, as well as the description of the offender that was provided by the police, were both a perfect match to what was found in CCTV footage taken from the scene of the crime.


The Murder

The exact details of this horrific crime have not been released by the authorities yet however, on the night in question it is reported that the Youtube star who has now been arrested proceeded to leave his home in the early hours of the night and returned just two hours later which is when the murder is said to have happened. It has also not yet been disclosed what the offender’s motive was but there is some speculation that this was a domestic situation that went horribly wrong. It has been almost seven hours since the Youtube star in question was taken into police custody so a press conference revealing some details is to be expected shortly.


The Arrest of a Star

The star’s arrest was a strange one and the offender was abv to evade questioning and capture for almost two months before the police caught up with him, it seems that there was little on-site evidence pointing towards him as a suspect and if it wasn’t for one crucial thing the investigation may never have led to his door. It was when the eagle-eyed viewers noticed that a particular outfit consisting of a grey sweatshirt and a colorfully designed baseball cap were displayed in the background of one of the offender’s videos. It wasn’t long until the comments were flooded with people noticing the outfit and saying that it looked exactly like the outfit of a person who the police were looking for in relation to the murder.

There were many reports on this case and the police received dozens of calls from concerned members of the public who had seen the video, the creator in question clearly saw these comments as they removed the video almost immediately. This was a huge indication to the authorities that they needed to find this individual and they eventually caught up with them at their home address later that day after a search warrant had been filed with the higher powers.

It is very disturbing to hear about this story especially when it was so heavily influenced by a streaming platform with the sole purpose of bringing joy to our lives. But the fact that the viewers were able to solve this murder mystery is definitely something that we have never seen before and we should be thankful that the criminal behind this is behind bars.


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