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How Connecticut is Handling the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic originated back in November of 2019 in a city in China called Wuhan. Over the following months, the virus began to rapidly spread causing China to put the city into a strict lockdown. Unfortunately, the virus had already spread out of the city and began to spread worldwide. International travel was still allowed which allowed the virus to reach every continent. It is a type of coronavirus and was given the name covid-19. This virus has controlled everyone’s lives this year, the virus has made it unsafe to be close to your loved ones in case one of you has it and passes it on. To prevent the transmission of the virus lockdown has been a vital tool, a stay-at-home order was given in March of 2020 which restricted the reasons you can leave your house to essential work, exercise, and essential shopping. Since then the previous year has been a mix of lifting restrictions and then having them re-tightened again when cases began to increase. It has been a difficult year for many people as people are feeling extremely isolated and it’s also been hard financially for many people making it even more stressful.

There have been different responses to the pandemic worldwide, for example, New Zealand adopted a zero covid policy and shut all borders and had a strict lockdown, this is a completely different way to handle it than Sweden who didn’t think that lockdowns were the answer and kept everything open. It is clear from the number of cases per 100,000 people which countries have done well at handling the pandemic. However, how much the virus has spread isn’t the only thing to consider, how the economy is doing, unemployment rate, and covid recovery plans are all also important to judge how somewhere is doing at handling the pandemic. Keep on reading to find out how Connecticut has handled the pandemic.


Connecticut is one of the states that make up the United States. It is an affluent state and is in the top 5 wealthy states of the US as it makes up part of Southern New England which is known for being wealthy. The fact that it is a wealthy state means that it should have been able to handle the pandemic well, as recent studies have shown that poorer demographics and poorer areas were hit worse. As the citizens of Connecticut earn above the national average and are quite well off it means that the majority of them will have accessible healthcare which is a great thing to help flatten the curve of the pandemic. However, even though it is a wealthy state it does have a population of 3.56 million people with a population density of 738 people per square mile, this will have made it much harder to control the spread of the virus.

Connecticut Businesses

Small businesses are a vital part of why Connecticut has such a strong economy when other states in America have economies that are struggling. Connecticut has always been extremely welcoming to small businesses and has great rules and regulations to help convince small businesses that they are the perfect state to set up in. They believe there is a place for any profitable small business whether that’s a dumpster rental in Danbury CT or an accounting firm in Hartford. As long as you have the drive to run your business and have the skills to make it successful then Connecticut has a place for you, before the start of the pandemic there were thousands of successful businesses but since the pandemic hit over 1/3 of them have been forced to close their doors for good. Restaurants were the hardest hit industry with over 600 of them having to close due to the lockdown restrictions. The authorities in Connecticut tried to help these small businesses out by creating a program that offered businesses funding and $50 million were set aside for this. It may not have been enough to save all of the businesses but it did prevent many more from having to close.

The Statistics

Connecticut has seen a total of almost 300,000 cases of the coronavirus. This is a large number and lots of people in Connecticut have suffered from the virus, but as the US has had over 83 million cases this shows that the state of Connecticut handled the pandemic much better than other states. There have also been almost 2 million deaths from the virus in the US and only 7,000 of them are from Connecticut, again showing how successful the policies they implemented have been. While many decisions were made at the National level the state made some great decisions that helped their citizens and the majority of citizens followed any rules and orders which all helped the death toll to stay so low in Connecticut.


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