About Our Team

‘Only Truth And Facts Will Lead You Towards The Light’

benjamin franklin

Our team is unique and versatile, build of talented people and individuals who shares the same goal –

Sharing the truth, and covering the latest news and politics events on a unbiased way.

  • We check our facts and sources, so everything you read on groundwatergovernance.org is real and actually happened.
  • We hate fake news, and will never cooperate with such even when the tiniest suspicious arise.
  • We love stories that describe the full picture of the story, emotional stories or just daily everyday news that put smile on people’s face.
  • We promise to provide only legitimate news, to make all of our articles unique with our unique point on views, no matter which side on the map we supports.

Thanks for joining us, we appreciate it a lot.

Yours with respect, the freedom fighters –





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