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Regional consultation for sub-Saharan Africa

29-31 May 2012 - Nairobi, Kenya

The African regional consultation, the second consultation out of five foreseen by the Groundwater Governance Project, took place in Nairobi, Kenya on 29‐31 May 2012.

On this occasion, over a hundred prominent African experts and key local stakeholders worked together to identify specific regional characteristics, priorities, visions, gaps and challenges to contribute to the Global Groundwater Governance Diagnostic.

The Government of Kenya, which hosted the meeting, said that while the country is still considered a water-scarce country with only about 647m3 of water per capita per year, studies are showing that Kenya has up to 60 billion cubic metres of groundwater potential that needs to be located. 

“Groundwater’s advantages are numerous – its occurrence in many places, the speed with which it can be developed, the relatively low capital cost of development, its drought resilience and its ability to meet water needs on demand – make it a critical component in rural water supply and for small tows as well as domestic water, irrigation, industry and commercial uses,” stated Kenya’s Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Hon. Ferdinand Waititu. 

The regional consultations offer an opportunity for an unprecedented interdisciplinary dialogue among local policy‐makers and stakeholders to share regional priorities related to groundwater governance.

Video message: From Nairobi to Amman

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