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Regional consultations

Regional consultation for Latin America and the Caribbean

18-20 April 2012 - Montevideo, Uruguay

In Latin America and the Caribbean, groundwater is a vital resource, increasingly playing a strategic role in sustainable development.

This role will increase even further in years to come, as water scarcity and increased climatic fluctuations and variability become major global concerns. In the Americas in general, many of the problems affecting groundwater relate to lack of information but the scientific and technological basis for groundwater management is available, and improving.

More and more Latin American countries are taking into account the scientific advances in the formation of their regulatory frameworks and their strategies for managing water resources and improving groundwater governance, reflecting a desire to face groundwater issues in a more consistent and integrated manner. Moreover, the awareness among citizens and stake-holders continues to grow.

Due to the increase in public awareness, civil society not only wants to know about these resources and be considered in decision-making, they also demand to be involved in decisions about its current and future use.

In Latin America, the numerous transboundary aquifers present opportunities for regional integration and collaboration, including anticipating and avoiding conflicts and competition among water users and preserving the health of water ecosystems and the many services they provide.


The first of the five Regional Consultation foreseen by the project concerned Latin America and the Caribbean and was held in Montevideo, Uruguay from 18 to 20 April 2012.

Its organization was supported by the Government of Uruguay.

More than 100 participants from 26 countries attended the 3-days event that included plenary sessions and technical working sessions on thematic aspects of groundwater governance in the region.