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Regional consultations

Organized under the responsibility of the UNESCO-IHP, the Regional Consultations were a fundamental component of the Groundwater Governance project.

These consultations focused on the regional characteristics of groundwater use and sought to promote the discussion about the specific challenges and priorities within the different regional contexts.

There have been 5 regional consultations for: Latin America and the Caribbean; sub-Saharan Africa; Arab States; Asia (East and South) and the Pacific; and UNECE region.

The aims of the regional consultations were to:

  • acquire first-hand knowledge of regional issues from local groundwater experts;
  • build partnerships amongst collaborating project agencies, stakeholders, decision-makers and specialists across sectors; and
  • raise awareness and promote a global groundwater agenda.
Latin America and the Caribbean Arab States East and South Asia and the Pacific Regions

Schedule of regional consultations:

First Regional Consultation - Latin America and the Caribbean
Montevideo, Uruguay - 18-20 April 2012

Second regional consultation: sub-Saharan Africa
Nairobi, Kenya - 29-31 May 2012

Third regional consultation: Arab States
Amman, Jordan - 8-10 October 2012

Fourth regional consultation: East and South Asia and the Pacific
Shijiazhuang, China - 3-5 December 2012

Fifth regional consultation: UNECE Region, and private sector roundtable
The Hague, The Netherlands - 19-21 March 2013