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Regional consultation for Arab States

8-10 October 2012 - Amman, Jordan

The Arab region is one of the most arid areas in the world.

With less than 200mm of rainfall per year, scarcity of precipitation combined with high climate variability and frequent droughts adds additional pressure on available water resources.

In conditions of limited or no surface water, groundwater is certainly one of the most important sources of water supply in the Arab region. The region depends significantly on groundwater resources, and increasingly on non-renewable groundwater supplies, to meet their growing water demands.

High water stresses in the region are met with varying degrees of depletion and mining of aquifer systems. Thus, many groundwater resources are at risk of being exhausted through over-pumping. This has been manifested by continuous water level declines and degradation of water quality due to salinization. Groundwater needs to be carefully managed if its use is to be sustained for future generations. 

Video message: From Amman to Shijiazhuang

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