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Groundwater Talks Teaser

Trailer for a new series documenting the latest Groundwater soundbites from events around the world.

Video message: From Shijiazhuang to The Hague

Messages from the 4th Regional Consultation of the Groundwater Governance Project for Asia and the Pacific, to the 5th and final consultation in The Hague for the UNECE region.

Video message: From Amman to Shijiazhuang

Anna Paolini, UNESCO Amman Office, Marcus Wijnen, World Bank and Mohamed Bazza, FAO wrap up the main messages of the 3rd Regional Consultations for the attention of the participants to the 4th Regional Consultation taking place in Shijiazhuang, China.

Video message: From Nairobi to Amman

Alice Aureli, UNESCO and Shammy Puri, IAH wrap up main messages of the first 2 Regional Consultations for Amman where the 3rd Consultation will take place in October 2012.


...A teaser of the upcoming Groundwater Talks, a series of 'sound-bites' from events across the world looking at groundwater issues.
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