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About the Project

Process and project phases

The project has first reviewed the global state of groundwater governance in relation to groundwater supply and demand (quantity and quality), and developed a Global Groundwater Diagnostic integrating regional and country experiences with prospects for the future.

The project has ultimately developed a Global Framework of Action, consisting of a set of country specific policy, institutional and investment options, that are representative of international best practices and whose application would facilitate improved management at the country/local level, and better governance at local, national and transboundary levels.

The baseline

In setting the baseline, the project sought a broad agreement on the scientific and economic issues in relation to groundwater management, and a consensus on the scope for future action. 

This has built on the compilation of the global state of groundwater governance through the development of a working definition, Case Studies and Thematic Papers.


A Global Groundwater Diagnostic

The purpose of the Diagnostic is twofold:

  • serve as a technical basis for the visioning process and for the definition of the Global Framework for Action;
  • make accessible to policy and decision makers across development sectors the best scientific and technical knowledge available to date on groundwater resources and their governance, in a simple language and synoptic representations.

The Diagnostic drew on 5 regional consultations and 1 event dedicated to the private sector, aimed at exploring opportunities for partnerships and information sharing.


A shared vision and a "Global Framework for Action"

The vision for groundwater governance indicates ways to respond to the challenges facing groundwater.

It is consistent with the MDGs and with the World Water Vision overall goal to provide to all people “…safe and sufficient water resources to meet their needs, including food, in ways that maintain the integrity of freshwater ecosystems”.

A “Global Framework for Action on Groundwater Governance” is a synthetic aimed to raise political awareness globally on the urgency to improve groundwater governance. It consists of an executive summary of the overall vision, and selected key policy messages and recommendations. Key policy messages directed to leaders in government, the private sector and civil society foster precautionary and proactive governance approaches, to prolong the integrity of aquifers and their associated goods and services.