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Organizational chart and functionning

Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is composed of representatives of the funding partners and of executing agencies (GEF Secretariat, STAP, FAO, World Bank, UNESCO, IAH). It provides general oversight of the execution of the Project and ensures that all inputs and activities agreed upon in the project document were adequately prepared and implemented. In particular, the PSC:

  • provided overall guidance to the Project Coordination Unit in the execution of the project;
  • ensured that all project activities and outputs were in accordance with the project document;
  • identified, agreed and facilitated any multi-country activities that assisted with the execution of activities or meeting project objectives; and
  • facilitated the dissemination of relevant project findings and recommendations globally.  


Project Coordination Unit

The Project Coordination Unit (PCU) is responsible for project management and reporting and coordinates all technical aspects of the project. The PCU performs the following tasks:

  • design, development and implementation of technical activities such as workshops and training events implemented at the regional level;
  • provision of technical advice and assistance to the mid-term and final evaluations of the project.


Permanent Consultation Mechanism

The purpose of the Permanent Consultation Mechanism (PCM) was to enlarge the number of partners that can contribute to and engage with the project. Through the PCM, partners could provide collegial feedback on key project outputs and contribute relevant material to the initiative. Partners were also able to benefit from the results of the projects activities, the possibility to share knowledge with the project network. 


Advisory Panel on Groundwater Policy

The Advisory Panel on Groundwater Policy (APGP) provides independent advice and comments on the technical and scientific content of any major proposed activities, evaluations, assessments and technical reports. Members of the APGP engaged in such activities at the request of the Steering Committee and their inputs were  organized and supervised by the PCU. 


Drafting Group

Duration and budget

  • January 2011-December 2015
    (48 months)
  • Budget = USD 4.5 million
    of which GEF allocation of USD 1.75 million

Project documents

Flyer: Groundwater Governance Project

All project documents